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8m ago

Johnnie Walker ReVibe the Night

Johnnie Walker ReVibe the Night

Johnnie Walker’s Revibe The Night was truly a vibrant story of great partying and discovering the best artists. This was a pan-India campaign that was aimed at reinvigorating the night-life in India after the effects of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. The idea was to celebrate the amazing talent of artists across India and accompany the great music with new and exciting cocktails.  

Artists performed their invigorating pieces across different venues in India where the people engaged in some great time that involved skillful music and a good flow of exciting drinks at great prices. The global ‘Keep Walking’ anthem by Johnnie Walker encouraged everyone to get back to their old ways of vibing and get moving again while learning to do so responsibly. 


During Revibe The Night shenanigans, Johnnie Walker launched their new and exciting blended Red Label Whisky - Johnnie & Ginger. The unmatched texture and the delicate subtle taste of Johnnie and Ginger was a total instant hit among the consumers. A lot of new and tasty cocktails can be made out of this delicious new release from Johnnie Walker. 


Apart from performances and parties at actual venues, Revibe The Night had plenty of fun on Instagram too. There was a fun dance challenge which required the participants of the challenge to make their favorite version of the new Johnnie Walker Red and Ginger drink. The likes of Pooja Hegde and Lisa Mishra showed off their moves accompanied with the hashtag #Redandgingerchallenge.  


Some of the main highlights about the events at the venue has to be the presence of intriguing music makers Ritviz, Lisa Mishra, When Chai met Toast and Ben Bohmer 

A lot of artists like NDS, Madboy Mink and Punya Paap were also vital in making Revibe the Night a huge success. People across the country enjoyed vibing to these extremely talented artists that made for one of the best experiences of their lives. The event was designed to reach a whopping upwards of 30 million people across India. The ‘Keep Walking’ anthem was displayed across 7 cities in India with the help of engaging banners and social media platforms. All in all, Johnnie Walker Revibe the Night truly redefined partying and getting back on your feet in the post-pandemic part of 2021 and truly celebrating the reinvigoration of the night-life with the best company - great music and excellent drinks!