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Love Is Love 4 Queer friendly bars in India

Love Is Love 4 Queer friendly bars in India

Valentine’s day is almost here and February as usual is geared up to be the month of innocent love and new connections. If you are queer and here, you might be looking for some good places to take your partner to. We have some suggestions about the places you could go to and the places we think you’ll love. Take a look! - 

Amra Odbhut

Amra Odbuth, Kolkata -This cafe was opened by a group of queer people to ensure that there is a safe space for queer people to have fun and spend quality time in. The name ‘Amra Odbuth’ directly translates to ‘we are queer’. It is a space designed to celebrate queerness, offer an inclusive environment and include important and empathetic conversations. This is famous for being one of its kind cafes in Kolkata and any events hosted by them are attended by people across the city. 

Xoox Brewmill

Xoox Brewmill, Bangalore - Located in one of the prime locations of the city, Xoox Brewmill has a vibrant yet sophisticated ambiance and is welcome to all. It is known for its extensive menu that is full of incredible food and alcohol pairings. Bangalore is known for being cultually diverse, and open to people from all walks of life  - it is usually one of the best cities in India for queer people to explore their identity and meet a hoard of people to socialize. Taking your date here might be just what you need to spice up your Valentine’s day.

social delhi_

Social, Delhi - Social outlets all over the country have consistently held events that show their support for the queer community. Additionally, they are great with their ambience, food menu and their choice of drinks. Social is a great place to meet new people, or even just hang out with your friend group and have a good time. It is open to everyone and often hosts a bunch of events (for the queer community and otherwise) that attracts a lot of like-minded people who get to meet, bond and form connections through these events. 

gawky goose

Gawky Goose, Bangalore - This place has mastered the combination of having both a casual and chic vibe going together. They have a range of delicious dishes on their menu and an intriguing cocktail menu with fun names to go with it. The place is queer-friendly and is open to a good, impactful social gathering anytime. Taking your valentine to this place might gain you some points and help show them you really care.