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Meet your mixologist

Meet your mixologist

It is always great to know about different interesting people and professions out there. One of the most interesting professions that require an insane amount of skills is the profession of Mixologists. We have a talented Mixologist talking about their work and experiences - meet Hemali Bendre! She is young, vibrant and curious. At the same time, she has a lot of experience in the industry and knows exactly what she expects from her day and how she wants to go about it. She is realistic and honest with her opinions and an intrigued learner. Here are some of things that she had to say about her bartending experience and the knowledge she wants to impart for the people looking to get into the industry - 

Favorite cocktail
Hemali Bendre cheerfully quips that her favorite cocktail is the classic Gimlet. She feels that the appeal lies in the fact that it is easy to make and contains only 2 main ingredients. Her skills give her the freedom to experiment with the different kinds of lemon cordial used or make small additions to give a fun and memorable twist to the classic cocktail. 

Views about the current trends in the world of spirits -
The one current consumer trend that she adores is that a lot of consumers are moving back to the classic cocktails while ordering. There is a surge in demand for cocktails like Negronis and Old fashioned which Bendre immensely appreciates as she is a fan of these classics herself. 
The one ongoing trend that she is unable to quite happily hop on to is the fact that people are trying gin on a large scale. Being a gin fan herself, although she is happy that there is a surge in demand for this particular spirit, she definitely does not enjoy the fact that more and more people are not trying out spirits like Rum and Tequila. 

About serving the guests
Hemali Bendre cherishes the fact she is in the hospitality industry especially in a guest-facing role. When asked about the advice she has for new bartenders, Bendre feels that the privilege of being able to serve as a bartender needs to be recognized. She realises that a lot of memories are formed in the bar for the customers and the onus falls on the bartenders to ensure that the memories they form with them are good and memorable ones.

Advice for upcoming bartenders
Bendre stresses upon the fact that patience is a virtue that is extremely important when it comes to navigating in the world of bartending. She says that waiting for the right opportunity is always worth it and not chasing money in this world and waiting for good opportunities that will help build your creativity.