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2m ago

The Bar's specially curated cocktail trends of 2022

The Bar's specially curated cocktail trends of 2022

With only two months left to end the year, we have specially curated some cocktail trends for you to try. Check out the list below and let us know how many of these you have already tried!

  • Bubble Tea Is Creating Quite The Ripples!

Even though it feels relatively recent drink, Bubble Tea was popular in Asia during the 1980s. However, the bubble tea craze has been soaring high over the last couple of months. With the growing popularity among youngsters, various twists and versions of this classic have been floating around the market, setting an entirely new cocktail trend to indulge in.

  • Spotlight On Locally Sourced Ingredients

Cocktails crafted using locally sourced ingredients are in high demand! Bartenders and skilled mixologists have been adding new twists to popular cocktails with local ingredients creating a new standard of the cocktail trend to look out for. The next time you head out to a cocktail bar, don’t forget to relish a cocktail made with locally sourced ingredients.

  • Delectable Mixers Are Ruling The Market

As the need for speed of service increases, delectable mixers started ruling the bar industry over the last year. A massive range of mixers is available in the market, which are designed to enhance the flavours of the cocktails and add a tasty twist to the drinks. For home bartenders or mixologists at cocktail bars, these mixers are a great way to whip up some exciting cocktails to savour.

  • Vegan Cocktails Are In High Demand

As more people switch out of dairy, vegan cocktails have been in demand. With brands making a conscious choice in their products, an assortment of vegan cocktails is ruling the bar industry. At no compromise to taste, these cocktails deliver indulging flavours while staying true to cruelty-free choices.

  • Homegrown Craft Liquors Shaping Up The Bar Market

Recently, the craft liquor market is bombarded with a variety of homegrown spirits. These brands with their craft spirits are taking the global beverage industry by storm. These drinks are unique in their strengths, tones, and flavours that vary depending on how they were distilled or processed.

  • Classics Are Never Out Of Style

Classic cocktails continue to stay afloat, and at the top, no matter how many new twists and versions may come. Cocktails such as old-fashioned or martini, Negroni or Gin and tonic, cocktail enthusiasts will always lean towards simple and traditional cocktails every once in a while.

  • Creative Cocktail Garnishes Attract Cocktail Connoisseurs

Garnishes aren’t just eye-catchy but also boost the flavours of cocktails. Recently, creative and attractive cocktail garnishes have raised the bar, testing the creativity of bartenders. With mixologists finding innovative and artistic ways to garnish their cocktails, this cocktail trend keeps taking a new shape every day, creating unique ways to enjoy drinks.

  • Keep Your Health In Check With Low-Calorie Cocktails

Fitness enthusiasts now have a variety of ways to enjoy their drinks and stay fit! High-quality cocktail ingredients, authentic flavours, and low-calorie cocktails are quite a catch. These cocktails are a perfect alternative to enjoy your favourite drinks without compromising your diet.

  • Brands & Bars Make Sustainable Choices

Many brands are opting for climate-conscious choices with their products. From reducing the carbon footprint to leaning towards sustainability, brands and bars are redefining the cocktail experience. Perhaps, this is one such cocktail trend that should not run out of style!

Well, these were some of the cocktail trends that’s been buzzing in the bar world for 2022! Before we step into next year, don’t forget to try out these and do share your thoughts. For more such content on bars, cocktail trends and inspiration, do check out our other articles.